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Rabbit social groups

Etherbun is an electronic mailing list devoted to care, health and behavior of domestic companion rabbits. The list is free of charge, and is a wealth of information, especially for the new rabbit "parent." Almost all our participants are owned by companion rabbits, and a great number are seasoned rabbit rescuers who have a great deal of experience in dealing with the unique challenges our beloved rabbits pose. Also, EtherBun is a good resource for those interested in learning more about rabbit medical care and general health. Presently, our subscribers include veterinarians, vet students, microbiologists, nutritionists, chemists, biologists and others whose areas of expertise are very helpful in getting to the root of a rabbit health problem.

Australian Companion Rabbit Society
The Australian Companion Rabbit Society has a lively email discussion group that is free to join, and is a great place to ask your bunny related questions.

Pet Crazy
A forum with a category for rabbits and guinea pigs.

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