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Fuzzy. The lovable bunny who inspired this website.

fuzzy posing

Fuzzy is a dark brown dwarf cross. Fuzzy loves running around on carpet. Fuzzy enjoys ripping up newspaper and grabbing on to the chicken wire with her teeth and claws, and shaking it madly. Fuzzy doesn't like being locked into any space, no matter how large. Fuzzy took her claws to this door.

scratch marks from Fuzzy

Fuzzy's spay
Fuzzy was spayed to decrease her chances of getting uterine cancer. If rabbits aren't bred from, the have a very high chance of dying from uterine cancer. Breeding is definitely not a good idea, as there are already too many dumped rabbits at shelters all over the world. It was important that Fuzzy kept eating before her operation, without food she may have gone into gastro intestinal stasis (no food goes in, no poops come out). If its not treated quickly, the rabbit will often die. Fuzzy was a very groggy bunny when she hot home, so she was placed on the floor in a corner on her rug, with a cardboard box to hide in. She was trying to stay awake, but kept falling asleep. Her stitches were checked every day, but on the third day there weren't any more stitches - Fuzzy had ripped them out herself. Fortunately the vet said as long as the wound wasn't bleeding or infected, there wasn't a need to resuture at this time.

Fuzzy seemed to get lonely during the day so we decided to find a friend for her. We visited the Australian Animal Protection Society and played with the bunnies. We decided to leave the choice up to Fuzzy, but Fuzzy didn't want to go to the shelter, Fuzzy didn't want to socialise with any of the shelter rabbits, and Fuzzy didn't care which rabbit I picked as long as we could go home. We got home. Fuzzy didn't care much for the new rabbit. Bite, Grunt, Chase......Separation ensued. After months of car rides, looking at each other through barriers and having supervised bonding sessions, we were ready to give up. The new bunny, Thumper, was doing her best to be submissive towards Fuzzy, but Fuzzy just wouldn't accept Thumper in the house. They were both spayed. Thumper discovered a pile of old curtains that were en route to the bin, and used the pile as a refuge from Fuzzy. To our urprise, Fuzzy did not attempt to climb the curtain pile. So when Fuzzy became aggressive toward Thumper, Thumper would jump on to the curtain pile until Fuzzy cooled off. Fuzzy finally accepted Thumper, but was still quite bossy towards her.

Single Bunny.... Since Fuzzy's surgery she has been reluctant to rebond with Thumper. We think Fuzzy realises she is weaker and feels threatened by Thumper. After many attempts at reintroduction, and a trip to the vet for a laceration to be stitched up, Fuzzy has become a single bunny. She seems quite happy and has turned to people for attention. She loves to sit and watch people go by. However Fuzzy has become more defensive and will often claw at hands if they reach towards her too quickly.

Fuzzy's habits
When Fuzzy wants her morning snack, she lets us know by rattling the door to the condo. When she is really angry about being locked up, she will shred newspaper.
Fuzzy soon discovered that if she scratches and nudges at doors with her nose, sometimes when the door isn't shut properly, she can open the door.

Fuzzy loves to play on beds or any other soft furnishings. She digs and bites at the sheets, and she will binky around on the bed. She also likes to chew holes in material, so we soon learned to keep clothing away from Fuzzy.
Fuzzy likes to play with cardboard toilet rolls. She digs them, noses them, and throws them into the air with her teeth. Much better to play than to be destructive......

Fuzzy doesn't like being outside. She is scared of the birds flying over, and never totally relaxes and hangs out. She is much happier inside. She is regularly taken outside for fresh air and sunshine, however she would prefer not to leave her territory.
Fuzzy periscoping again

Fuzzy surveying the area for danger

Why call her Fuzzy?
When first seen, she had the cutest little Fuzzy butt. The name stuck. Its been shortened to Fuzzy, but when being told off for being bad, she is referred to as FuzzButt...

Fuzzy passed away in July 2008. RIP Fuzzy, we will miss you

Fuzzy's Photo Gallery

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