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The condo designed for three

The existing bunny house needed resdesigning. Fuzzy didn't want to be around other rabbits after her surgery and she needed to be isolated as she was rather aggressive towards Thumper. Another bunny, Topaz, was adopted for Thumper to play with.
The Condo

The top floor

The top floor of the condo was Fuzzy's penthouse. She needed the room to stretch out and make sure her legs are comfortable. Also being up top meant that she couldn't interact with the other bunnies.

The Middle section
Topaz and Thumper occupied the middle floor. At the time they were seperated as Topaz has not been spayed. . Thumper growls at Topaz and Topaz shakes the wire seperator wanting to be let in. They have their own litterboxes, food bowls, and water bottles.

The ground floor
The ground floor exists for support. The idea here being that Topaz and Thumper will play in the open area for a while, then Fuzzy can let loose in the play area and not be able to reach the other two.

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