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Topaz, the hand reared orphaned bunny

Tea bag sized bunny

Topaz was one of three babies born the front lawn of a house, right next to the road in Bayswater, an outer suburb of Melbourne, Australia. This area has a problem with stray domestic rabbits. Apparently a previous homeowner had rabbits, and when they moved out of their house, the let their pet rabbits go to fend for themselves. The rabbits stayed in the area and started breeding. A homeonwner discovered three newborn rabbits on their front lawn, and contacted a local knowledgable rabbit person.

The babies were rushed to a caretaker. The doe was nowhere to be seen, and the fact that she had the babies out in the open means that she had most likely abandoned them. The residents were keeping a lookout for the doe, but in the meantime the babies needed food and shelter.

Two of the babies died, most likely due to the cold from being left unprotected on the lawn. The third rabbit was fed a rabbit milk replacement formula and placed in a warm blanket. By the time mother rabbit was found, she was pregnant again, and the chances of her accepting the abandoned rabbit was not good. The bunny was named Topaz and continued to be hand raised. When she reached 8 weeks of age, she was weaned from her milk feeds and came to live with the Fuzzy rabbit clan. To see more pictures of baby Topaz, visit Angies Ark

Baby Topaz

Topaz is such a friendly rabbit. Being hand reared, she is not scared of people at all. She will run up to people to get her head patted. Topaz is turning more grey now she is getting older, and still has her baby fur.

Topaz loves to jump up and down from boxes, and is obsessed with nibbling cushions.

Topaz licks a cushionTopaz licks her favorite cushion

Topaz binkies like there is no tomorrow on the rugs, but there are still moments when she loses control and smacks into something flat out.

Topaz's Photo Gallery

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